How Can We Help You?

What do I get with my TeakieCare membership?
Our plans offer varying levels of service. Our entry-level package is the Starter Plan. It comes with the following items: 1) A website built with WordPress, ready for you to insert your content (or choose one of our Pro Setup Packages and have us do it for you) 2) Ongoing tech support, design tweaks and bug fixes from experts who know you and your brand / business 3) Premium hosting, SSL, nightly backups and malware cleanups 4) Exclusive access to our design studio at reduced rates and members’ only discounts on premium add-ons 5) Peace of mind knowing that you’ve got your online platform covered by a team of experts who’ve got your back so you can focus on what YOU do best! And much, much more!
Will I be locked into a contract?
No. You're free to come and go as you please. We do put a large upfront investment in our clients, but that's only because we strongly believe in what we do. And because we want to partner with the right people over the long term.
Can I preview TeakieCare sites before I purchase?
You can preview your demo site before choosing your website theme.
Do I need a domain name?
Yes, you need to purchase and register your domain name separately. Best practice is to have it sit at a domain name registrar like GoDaddy. There are several reasons for this, but mainly for security.
What about web hosting?
Premium Managed WP Hosting is included with all of our plans. Our goal is to make your life easy by managing your online platform and providing you with a solid digital infrastructure for your business / brand from the get-go.
How do I get a custom email address (i.e.
Like your domain name, it's best practice to keep your email provider separate. For only $5 a month, you can have your email with your unique domain name. When you're ready to do that, our tech gurus will help connect it for you.
Are your websites mobile responsive?
Yes, every single website we create and manage are 100% compatible with mobile devices.
Can I sell products and services on my website?
Absolutely. We believe that your website should act as your portable storefront. And this is one of the BEST ways you can automate your business.
Can I take payment and issue invoices?
Yes, using WordPress’ e-commerce platform, WooCommerce. Many incredible features are available to add-on to your website for free (i.e.), others are premium (paid). Our tech gurus are here to advise you every step of the way.
What if my site takes off and I get a ton of traffic or downloads?
We don’t want you to ever have to worry about your hosting or any overage charges. If ever you need more resources, we’ll let you know when it’s time to upgrade. And celebrate your success with you!
What if I need more than one website?
Each TeakieCare site is for one website installation. If you need more than one website, sign up for two TeakieCare plans or get in touch with us and we'll see if we can come up with a custom package for you.
Can you help manage third-party services (i.e. Landing Pages, Webinars, Email Marketing, etc.)
Yes, under a Business or Empire Plan depending on your needs.
Can you help with my branding, content creation and / or marketing?
Yes. You have access to our Studio at reduced rates or can hire a talented creative from our directory.
What are Studio Hours?
Studio Hours are hours that you can purchase on an as-needed basis or add to your monthly plan. These hours can be used for blog writing, social media graphics, adding new features to your website more.

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